Is Volkswagen’s Super Bowl Ad Racist, Mon? [VIDEO/POLL]
We're not quite sure what Volkswagen is trying to tell us in this ad for the new Beetle that will run during the Super Bowl this Sunday. In it, white people speak like Jamaicans. Is the new Bug a happy-making machine? Is it haunted by Marley's Ghost? (Bob Marley, of course.) Or, does it have a secre…
New ZZ Top Song! Wanna Hear It on KLAQ? [POLL, VIDEO]
Here's one way to get your new song out -- put it in a commercial. That's what ZZ Top is doing with their new tune, "I Got to Get Paid". The bearded ones (and Frank Beard, too) put their new tune in a Jeremiah Weed ad. Want to hear it on The Q? Vote here!
[VIDEO] Turn Right PAC Puts Out Racist Campaign Ad
A conservative political action committee called Turn Right has released a campaign ad that even the Republican they're supporting says is racist.  It bashes a California Democrat named Janice Hahn, and accuses her of helping gang members get out of jail, then paying them to be "g…
Amazing Japanese Cell Phone Ad Video
Not sure we have this phone here in the United States, but if you lean green, you'd probably want one. You don't have to hug trees to appreciate this, though. Combine an ad campaign with the Japanese penchant for thought-provoking performance art with Bach and you get this. Marvelous.