Zach Braff in for TV Return
Nine years of Scrubs and multiple movies earned star Zach Braff his pick of projects, though it seems the erstwhile Dr. Dorian has been paged back to ABC. Braff has confirmed a TV return with a new ABC single-camera comedy, given a put-pilot commitment.
[VIDEO] Botox Pageant Girl Removed from Home by CPS
We've talked about this a lot on the Morning Show and wondered if someone (like, oh, maybe the State of California?) was watching that Good Morning America segment where an eight-year-old San Francisco girl, Britney Campbell, talked about getting Botox injections from her mother, Kerry Campbell…
[PHOTO] We have Osama bin Laden’s Death Photo!
It's been the hot topic of discussion around the United States and the world. Even though the President doesn't want to release it doesn't mean we can't, though. Here it is, exclusively via Jimmy Kimmel Live! The Osama bin Laden death photo...(WARNING! It's graphic -- innard…