Some people find any reason to riot in the streets, your favorite team wins a championship, or you are surrounded by carved pumpkins. Unfortunately, swarms of college students decided to riot in the streets during "Pumpkinfest," as they were surrounded by carved pumpkins. I think they didn't like the way the carved pumpkins were looking at them.

The annual Keen, New Hampshire annual Pumpkin Festival brings thousands of people and pumpkins together, to light up the night with hundreds of carved pumpkins. This year, some students from Keen State College, clashed in a bloody melee on campus.

The Keen police department were pretty busy Friday night, trying to control the crowd of students, as bottles were thrown and cars were vandalized. Policed ended up busting more than 25 people and used pepper spray to dispersed the crowd.

The chaos continued on Saturday as hundreds of students continued to riot, during the family event. Police handled the situation by releasing some tear gas on the crowds.

Sunday,  the college sent out a tweet to students about the size of the gathering being unsafe and placing people in harm's way.