95-5, KLAQ rox! Here we go again folks … Motorcycle Monday!

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This week, Daytona was rocking Supercross. Great place to have it .. the street track is HUGE .. you could fit a small city in the area it takes up ... and all the other madness that goes with the Daytona speedway and Daytonas bike week makes this one a true “wild one”.  Makes for a great Supercross track as well … the deep, soft Daytona sand mixing with other kinds of soil for a rough track with lots of ruts. You have to pay attention on this one!!

In the lites, Justin Barcia gets a lesson in pain and endurance as he races with a couple of broken bones in his hand/wrist area. That had to suck .. the hand/wrist area plays a crucial role in this insanity. You can’t exactly tape everything together or run without ‘em.

Barcia winds up with 2nd overall … 1st goes to Blake Baggett and Ryan Sipes sits in 3rd. Points wise, it’s Barcia at 69, Baggett at 65 and Wilson at 60.

You’ve heard the old saying I could beat you with 1 hand tied behind my back?? That’s pretty much what Barcia is doing, racing with that damaged hand!!

“Lil Bubba”, Malcolm Stewart looked really good, bringing home 7th overall; sitting in 8th with 34 points.

Suprecross, heat 1: My man Dungey takes the hole shot!! Sweeeet. He races hard all day .. again on a very trying and brutal track .. and winds up with 3rd overall for the day!

Main event … Stewart gets the whole shot and is out and away early!! Again; to fast? To soon? To much? Was he outriding himself? Was the track to tough? Who knows, but Stewart executes a text book front end cartwheel and gets his bell rung pretty good in the main event.

He staggers to the bike, but falls down. Gets back up though and back into the race. (Probably still seeing little birdies floating around in his helmet.) Never even gets close to a podium finish. Meanwhile; Villopoto, Reed and Dungey aren’t messing around.  Taking advantage of Stewarts dirt mosh; they are bar to bar to teh bitter end and all 3 make the podium!

Villopoto repeats last week with first, Reed gets number 2 and my man Dungey takes 3rd!!

Points wise it’s now Villopoto in front with 196, Stewart 2nd with 173 and Reed third at 172.  

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again … Stewart!! Quit trying to be Kung Fu Panda out there. Race smart. Reeds’ almost got your number and Villopoto is gonna get out of reach if you keep this up!!

Locally The Salvados MC 2011 bike blessing was a great success. Free food and drinks for all, a very moving message from Tony and a great turnout. Next run this weekend!  Tune in later this week (and check in at KLAQ.com) to find out what’s going on around here run wise and party wise!!

There it went .. the fastest couple of minutes in radio. Motorcycle Monday thanks to Santa Teresa Motorsports and 95-5 KLAQ!!