Now this is the kind of teacher you want to be in her class AND party with her on the weekends! Jill Lyle, a Sante Fe substitute teacher was found passed out drunk on Friday in an office connected to her classroom. In her hand was a cup with liquid that smelled a bit...........strong.

"The liquid in the cup was red and had an odor of alcohol," Lt. Louis Carlos told The New Mexican. "We do not know how much, or if any for that matter, had been consumed, but we do believe it was a cup containing wine there with her in the classroom."

People panicked and called the ambulance to come scrap her off the desk and take her to the hospital. Now, obviously they overreacted to the situation. The teacher was merely trying to sleep it off. Or better yet, she was just getting Happy Hour started a little early that day. The kiddos were at lunch at the time so no charges are going to be pressed against her but she did end up losing her job for it. Sad day for lunchtime lushes everywhere....

You can read the entire story here.