Everybody loves getting "faced" but you may be giving up a lot of info about yourself when you do!

Facebook has cookies that track where you go online, where you've been, what you read, etc, etc.  All kinds of info about you is at their disposal!

Some people may not care about these things, but I do.  It may be some simple info that shows I go to barnettharley.com somewhat compulsivley or maybe they know my top 5 favorite porn sites.  No big deal really I guess, but still.

Anything anyone knows about me that I didn't tell them myself irritates me!

You to?  I figured as much so here are a few different ways to foil their dastardly plot!

1)  This one from abine.com identifies trackers as well as stopping them! 

2)  Ghostery offers the same service but this one also works on opera.  (I'm assuming that's computer mumbo jumbo for something other than fat ladies wailing.)

3)  Found this one through google.  Requires chrome though. (The stuff on my exhaust pipes??)

There are others in this article.  Pick out the one that's right for you and laugh to yourself as you evision Zucker-burger clinching his fists and screaming NOOOOOOOO in his penthouse office!

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