STP blew up Lenos Tonight Show with "Black Heart", check it out here!!

The Stone Temple Pilots, fronted these days by Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, were on the Tonight Show last Thursday to promote their EP "High Rise" that drops tomorrow. (You can preview the whole CD here, right now!!)

The first single from the EP was "Out Of Time", (watch them do that one ...  and a few more ... here!!) the second single, "Black Heart", is the one they did for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Stone Temple Pilots will also host a special edition of Rockline tonight to hype the "High Rise" release!  If you would like to speak to them during their Rockline session, the number is 1-800-344-ROCK.  To listen to the show online (or to find a Rockline station if you're outside the El Paso area), log on to!

If you missed their Tonight Show with Jay Leno appearance, don't worry ... I gotcha!! Check it out below and don't forget your chance to actually talk to them is tonight, 10/7/13!!

Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington... by eidurrasmussen