This incredibly interesting band will be rocking Tricky Falls with Stone Sour and Pop Evil on February 11th. Haven't heard of Stolen Babies? Well have a listen!

I was just introduced to this band a few weeks ago from a friend excited about them coming to El Paso. Once he told me about the hot girl who plays an accordion in the band, I had to look them up.

He wasn't lying. Dominique Lenore Persi is one gorgeous girl who has some awesome outfits. Persi and her twin brothers make up the core of Stolen Babies. They began back in 1997, originally with a 12-member-strong-ensemble called The Fratellis. I wish I could have seen that group because they used to perform with puppets, narratives and costumes, which sounds pretty badass.

In 2002, Dominique and her twin brothers, Gil and Rani Sharone, left The Fratellis and started a smaller group, which became Stolen Babies. Their music is crazy interesting. I've never heard anything like it and I love it.

This Los Angeles-based experimental rock band will be visiting us very soon. If you haven't decided to go see Stone Sour at Tricky Falls, then Stolen Babies just might win you over. This is their latest video for their single "Stolen Sleep" and it's pretty awesome. What do you think about Stolen Babies?