All that wishing and praying to see Sparta in concert again have been granted! Those guys will be making some noise this Saturday, December 16 and they're not alone.

Sparta will have special guests Emily Davis and The Murder and Police performing Sparta rocks the stage. Sparta has soared high with their music and gracing us with their presence again. I really hope we can hear their song "Taking Back Control" which was featured on the movie The Invisible that was released in 2007. Another favorite EVERYONE loves is "While Oceana Sleeps" that you can listen to on repeat. The show will begin at 7 pm and you can rock out this Saturday at Tricky Falls. It may be another long wait to see them so you should take it from me and make it a point to see them this weekend.

Don't miss out on seeing the rock band that is straight out of Chuco Town making El Paso proud!