I've heard the urban legend that you can go to a fast food place, and some of them would take weed instead of money. These gentlemen put the idea to the test and succeeded. 

The Youtube Users DabStars are obviously fans of dab, also known as hash oil, and put videos up on Youtube about marijuana and dab. In this video, the pranksters got hungry and decided to go hit up their local burger joint. Instead of coughing up the cash for the food, they offered the workers to smoke some dab instead of paying for the food.

Surprisingly, the workers said yes. The guys pulled up and recorded the entire situation and put it up on Youtube. Out of all the workers, only two took them up on their offer. This video has now gone viral, with almost 72,000 views. My guess is that these workers probably don't have a job anymore, after their bosses see this video.