Howdy!!  Something a little different for El Pasoans today. Snow!  And Ice. Everywhere.  Roadwise, conditions really aren't that bad. Just remember to go slow, don't slam on the brakes, steer into the skid, etc. 

For those without cars, there are some changes in the Sun Metro schedule today.  Here are the changes:

Fixed Route, LIFT and paratransit are running normal schedules today, though you can expect snow and ice related delays.

These routes are NOT being serviced today: 10, 13, 36 and 70. 41 is running, but not going into the VA because of the road conditions.

For more info, you can contact Sun Metro at (915) 533-3333.  For info on the LIFT, (915) 544-2514

This blog .. obviously .. is regarding today, the 2nd of Febuary, 2011. And is subject to change!!  If they change their minds and don't tell me, call THEM.  And NOT me!!  Have a great day ya'll!!