SLIPKNOT's Sid Wilson has just released his debut solo album, "Sid", via iTunes and other Internet retailers. The CD features Wilson on lead vocals and sees him departing from his usual role as a DJ in both SLIPKNOT and as DJ Starscream.

Plus, check out a wicked jam session he throws down!!

The 13-track album begins with an intro entitled "Paul" which contains audio of SLIPKNOT bassist Paul Gray talking about Sid, recorded prior to Paul's untimely passing in 2010. Other songs on the CD include the first single "Nervous Central" and "Flat Lace", which Wilson wrote for Gray five years before the bassist's death.

"It's just about the different struggles in his life," Wilson told, "and it was just my way of letting him know that I was always there for him and that I was aware of the things he had to deal with. It's definitely difficult (to sing). It's hard for me to even talk about it."

"Sid" track listing:

01. Paul
02. Flat Lace
03. Bad History
04. Hearts That Race
05. Go the Distance
06. Live & Strong
07. I Can't Save Ya
08. All I Want
09. Petrified
10. Leave it All
11. Segue to Orion
12. Nervous Central
13. Punk Rock Noise

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Several tracks, including "Nervous Central", can be previewed by visiting and clicking on the "Music" icon.