Yes, you read that right, Corey Taylor is a fan of Justin Bieber. So much so, he asked Justin if he would do a song with him. THIS IS NOT A JOKE.


Corey Taylor of Slipknot was in a fan Q&A with Revolver magazine when someone asked what his favorite Justin Bieber song was. He responded with the mashup of Slipknot's "Pyschosocial" and Bieber's "Baby." This fan produced mashup was done about a year ago and has over 12 million views on Youtube. The song is catchy and quirky so I see why he would like it so much. He even says he was "blown away" with the song and has a lot of respect for Justin and the way he treats his fans.

Corey tried to get Justin to come down to a book signing he was doing so the two could do an acoustic version of "Psychosocial Baby" together but Justin was actually visiting kids in children's hospitals that day and wasn't able to get him to come.

Hmmm worst collaboration ever? Or would the fan's of Slipknot be ok with a Corey Taylor, Justin Bieber duet? Make the new collaboration "Before I Forget You Smile?" It's a great title I came up with at least. Let me know what you guys think. Was this a stupid thing for Corey to say or is he allowed to have his own opinion on other artists out there? I say yes he does, I also have a secret obsession with Britney Spears, but before they put her on medication. I like my Britney a little crazy.

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