The classic FOX TV show featured characters you either loved or hated. Not really much "in between" there. It also brought TV raunchiness to a whole new level. It never really got a proper ending, though, do we need a conclusion?

Married ... With Children, featuring Ed O'Neil, Katey Sagal, Christina Applegate and David Faustino and went off the air in the mid '90s without a real farewell episode.

A new show, focusing on Faustino's Bud Bundy character, is being considered and would explain what became of the dysfunctional little creep. It would also, via cameo appearances by the others, explain what happened to the rest of the cast. According to Sagal, (Peg Bundy), they're all in:

“David approached me about and I said, ‘Anything, absolutely.’” “I think all three of us, Ed, Christina and myself all told David yes. It’s not really a reboot. It’s a continuation I think of Bud Bundy’s story."

Sound like a good idea to you?

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