To be perfectly honest, I don't hate the Cowboys. Just their overly obsessive, angry, cursing, trash talking, egotistical fans.

And contrary to popular beliefs, that is not all the Cowboy fans out there. Now before I am exiled out of El Paso by a huge pitchfork carrying, blue and white wearing mob, let me explain what I mean.

The Cowboys won this evening. No, I didn't watch the whole game but I really didn't have to. The annoying fans who decided to tweet, post, status update, and everything else you can do to let me know play by play exactly what was going on. Now, the actual Cowboys team, I really have nothing against them. But the incessant posting, trash talking, and everything else the fans do is what really gets to me. Because when your team loses, all of a sudden my social network goes VERY quiet. But when they were winning tonight, people would update their things every 15 MINUTES with new posts.

When the game starts, write how your excited. Once at the most, twice, write during the game about how you feel, and then at the end you can write about how happy you are that they won. But to be saying "to all the haters out there" about your team, your just adding fuel to the fire for the next time they play if they lose. All those "haters" are going to be writing you to anger you.

Now the other thing that annoys me about football games, are those super fans who let the outcome of the game ruin or make their day. If my team wins, I'm happy and will drink one to my boys. If they lose, well, better luck next time and I'll still have that beer thank you. I don't trash talk the team that lost, and I don't sit at home in a bad mood for the rest of the night if they lose. It's just a game to me. I'm not going to die, lose sleep, or have a hysterical mental breakdown if my team loses. And so many fans out there are like that. Always remember it's just a game.

And to all the Cowboys fans out there, congratulations to you! Your team won and you SHOULD be proud! Post that picture and write your happiness once. Then stop. That's all the world needs. We're in an area that is mostly Cowboys fans. I'm going to have to read it from every one of you already I don't need it to be multiplied 5 times as well.

Now let the controversy begin! Am I wrong? Is football life or death to you? Let me know I won't take offense. I also won't trash talk you for your opinion. That's what America's about!