Shinedown’s Brent Smith recently issued a 911 call to music fans on Twitter regarding the sad state of rock music and his hopes for a rock ‘n’ roll revolution in 2012.

He started off his call for change, explaining, “I love all kinds of music, but I definitely have a love for rock ‘n’ roll.” He went on to dish some cold, hard facts, saying, “That being said, did you know – there is not a charted rock band, or artist on the top singles or albums until No. 68? No. 68 is Nickelback.”

He continued to rally the troops with his words of solidarity, “I know that the rock community is strong. With that being said the pendulum is constantly swinging. It’s time to take a ride people.”

If that wasn’t enough to get fans riled up for the cause, he issued a challenge, “If you want 2012 to be the year that rock ‘n’ roll returns, then stand up and put your fist in the air and declare that rock music has RETURNED!” So who’s with him? Let’s see those fists in the air!

Obviously this is a deeply personal cause for Smith considering his livelihood is his band, but he pledged how serious he was, admitting, “I’m not playin’ people, this is serious and has become personal for me. Rock music has made me who I am and changed my life… Rise up!!!”

He finished up his rockin’ rant with some words of wisdom and inspiration, vowing, “We hold the power to make a change in music…to make a difference, to have an epiphany that we miss songs with substance. It’s time to spit the BUBBLE GUM out.”

That really raises the bar for the new Shinedown album doesn’t it? The band will be starting the new year off strong releasing the first single titled ‘Bully’ from their upcoming album on Jan 3.

Shinedown’s new album is due out in early 2012, check out our preview here.

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