There is a new railcam that shows off the perfect view that El Paso is known for. The railcam is part of Railstream's Engineer camera lineup membership. Yes, you read that correctly. There's a membership you can be a part of that shows you a centered view of the star on the mountain and watch the train do a turnaround.

The Railstream membership costs $12.95 a month and has access to all of their cameras listed. The engineer level subscription includes HD Streaming, without ads or timeouts, dual and quad viewing, and much more. So if you think the quality of the camera won't be worth it, the sample is featured above. Railstream is how you can adventure outside your city and view another railcam elsewhere.

The El Paso railcam can view the traffic on I-10 and occasionally take you around the turntable. Railstream gives you 24/7 train streaming and now El Paso's railcam has been added! You can see a quick preview of what the Railstream members view on the El Paso railcam.