Ted Nugent (pictured,left...he's the one with the camo cowboy hat and the soul patch not the one who looks like the model on a package of Haines Briefs) is a republican and a conservative. But mostly he's crazy.

To see what Nuge said(actual video) and what Mitt Romney response was (make-believe audio/morning show bit) click on the jump, below.

SPOILER:  Ted promised to go to prison for beheading a coyote that was trying to pee all over the constitution if Obama is re-elected. At least that's what I got from it. Your interpretation may vary.  Just click to the story.


O.K., I know half of you are saying this shouldn't be taken seriously because Ted Nugent in a crazy person. The other half are saying this shouldn't be taken seriously because Ted is a celebrity and, c'mon, it's not like a famous celebrity is really a threat to the president.

To this I say, John WIlkes Boothe was the most famous stage actor of his day when he shot Lincoln.  And John Hinkley Jr. was at least as deranged as Ted Nugent, and more than likely a better singer.

So what does Mitt have to say about this? Let's find out.

BIT-Romney on Nugent Endorsement