So how many of you wish Carl be killed off already?!

We impatiently waited for The Walking Dead's return to television and last night was 'the' night. Not only were Sir Paul and Ringo reuniting for an amazing performance along with other great artists but it was also the night that The Walking Dead premiered.

As everyone pretty much had to evacuate the prison thanks to the Governor and his pack, last night's episode mainly dealt with Rick and Carl. Rick of course wheezing and half dead as Carl, Mr. Bad-A** (or should I say, wanna-be bad-a**) trying to prove some sort of point. When I figure out what that is I'll let you know. But his frequent "I win" remarks show me that he is either going to get killed (which most of us hope for) or get someone killed ... again (RIP Dale).

Another great backstory we got a taste of was Michonne's. We see her as she's in her kitchen with her boyfriend Mike, his friend and her little boy. (Remember when we first saw her with the chained up zombies? That was them.) It wasn't clearly said how her little one died, but she did insinuate that 'maybe' her boyfriend took his own life and the little one as well.

“I missed you even when I was with you. Back at the camp, that wasn’t you who did it. You were wrong, because I’m still here. And you could be too. And he could be.”

In this episode, we did not see any sign of Daryl, Glenn, Maggie or any of the other characters. But I did read that the Director is trying something new, in where he will concentrate in a few characters at a time. I think that would be a good idea, maybe like this we can see who ends up together, who survives and who will become the next leader, if any. Although Rick didn't die, I think he should take a step down; after all, there have been way too many conflicts already in different situations thanks to Ricks lack of leadership.

Check out these videos with a little more insight of what happened last night.




(Did you guys see at the beginning of this video where one of the walkers looked like Jeff Dunham's Achmed?!) Too funny!!