Go home raccoon, you're drunk.

Being an animal hated by many can be tough sometimes. To find some relief from the stress of digging through trash, a raccoon broke into the Union Beer Distributors in Brooklyn to party.

Luckily, an employee had their camera handy to capture the drunk raccoon make a lazy attempt to escape. They aren't sure how long the cute little burglar was in the warehouse stealing free booze, but it was long enough to get him pretty drunk.

How can anyone be mad at this adorable creature stealing some beer? Yes, it might be kind of expensive beer, not sure I don't drink fancy beer, but this warehouse could spare a few bottles. If they can't spare a few drinks, I think the employees who are enjoying the drunk raccoon falling on its cute face should spot him or make the raccoon their new company mascot.

If Guardians of the Galaxy can make Rocket Raccoon one of the coolest character in Marvel, then I think drunk raccoon can be the coolest alcohol mascot. Watch out Dos Equis, we have a new most Interesting character in the industry.