A joke during Jimmy Kimmel's segments "Kids' Table", has outraged Chinese American organizations. More than 1,000 protesters stood outside ABC's headquarters wanting more than an apology.

After one of the cute kids on Jimmy Kimmel's "Kids' Table" suggested killing everyone in China in order for the U.S. to repay their 1.3 trillion to them, people want Kimmel's show cancelled.

Protesters have been rallying outside ABC studios in multiple cities to stop the racism they believe Kimmel promotes. They used signs depicting Kimmel as Hitler and others saying "Teach Kids No Hatred", to share their message of peace.

ABC and Kimmel have released a statement apologizing for the skit and have agreed to stop the "Kids' Table" segment but Chinese-American organizations didn't find the apology sincere.

A petition has even been sent to the White House with over 100,000 signatures that declare for Kimmel and ABC to be held responsible for the comment made by the child. Children says the darnedest things remember? Should Kimmel really be the one in trouble for what this kid said or should the child's parents be to blame? Check out the skit for yourself and take my poll!