We all know her as Hugh Hefner's ex-girlfriend and former star of the hit show "The Girls Next Door".

In August 2001, she was one of Hefner's 7 girlfriends. Then on February 2002, after most of the girlfriends 'moved on' she became Hugh Hefner's #1 girlfriend (funny how they have rankings for that). That's around the time that Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt came along. Thus becoming "The Girls Next Door" and Hefner's 3 and only girlfriends.

Once Holly and the girls got their own show, they appeared on the November 2005 Playboy issue. Then again on September 2006, March 2008, and February 2009 (pretty much to promote their show ... not like they needed too much convincing, all you'd have to say is 'Playboy' and people were all over it).

During the time her and Hefner (and Kendra and Bridget) were together, she always stated she wanted to marry and have kids with Hefner. He really wasn't into that idea at all saying he's always had bad luck in marriages; (after what happened with Crystal Harris, bet he's kicking himself in the butt wishing he never threw Holly to the curb).

Holly started working behind the cameras in the Playboy Studios as an intern, then as a Junior Photo Editor (bet you guys would love to have that job!!). On February 2009, when Hefner and her broke up, she quit saying it was 'awkward'.

On May 14, 2009, she set a Guinness World Record by leading the "largest bikini parade ever" (where was I??) in Las Vegas. (Seems that no one had set that record yet and yes, apparently, there IS a category for that.)

Lately, she's been working in Vegas in her own burlesque "Peepshow", which is now near its end, as she revealed back in August that she is expecting her first child with boyfriend, Pasquale Rotella. (Wonder if they're gonna focus on Hefner's reaction like they did with Holly when he accounced his engagement to Crystal Harris.)

Too bad she isn't doing that burlesque show somewhere here in El Paso!  From what I hear (and unfortunately have seen) pregnancy doesn't neccesarily shut a dancer down at some of the clubs in El Chuco!  :/

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