Pizza Hut has created the greatest pizza ever and, Friday, you can try it for free!. (If you're in the United Kingdom that is.

A UK Pizza Hut has taken two things that go great and pizza...and made them one by adding beer to their dough recipe. This magnificent creation is currently available only in the UK and there's no word yet on whether American Pizza Huts will follow suit. I'm sure hoping though!

Then again, why wait for them? There are some incredible pizza chefs right here in El Paso and this is a GREAT idea. Plenty of places around El Paso have the potential like mi amigos next door at Ruli's and other local favorites like Nona's Pizza, Sparrows, Ardovinos, The Pizza Joint, our own Pizza Hut franchises and many more.

Let me know if any of you come up with anything, first one gets free CD's!