If you haven't heard, the people of El Paso county cannot pop firework this 4th of July weekend. You can go around the town and enjoy all kinds of local firework displays but if you feel like staying home, you can make your own mesmerizing fun with mousetraps and ping pong balls.

Thanks to some creative people at Pepsi and HarrimanSteel, we now know just how beautiful these two objects can be when used together. It's crazy beautiful to see just how perfect everything is set up and the ultimate reward of every trap going off. It's like a beautiful ball symphony.

According to BoredPanda, 1650 mousetraps and 1840 ping-pong balls were used for this video and a ton of patience. The video is a New Year's Eve ad, but is resurfacing around social media as a cool 4th of July display of the red, white and blue. I think it's just a perfect alternative to try at home, since we all can't buy fireworks. Thanks, Veronica.