If you still have not gotten word yet, our board operator Peter Carrillo and myself will be taking on dares you want to see us accomplish foolishly. Peter received an e-mail from David Herrera proposing we do the "Crossword Binge" dare. For those of you who have never heard of it like myself, it involves a bottle of liquor, shot glasses and a crossword puzzle. Basically how this works is we each get a crossword puzzle and for each word found, the opposing challenger has to stop what they're doing and take a shot. This is strictly for your entertainment and we highly encourage our listeners and followers not to try this.

As for my dare that I received in my e-mail was from Bobby Torres requesting Peter and I to attempt the "Pic & Dash" at the mall. In order for this dare to happen, we need a camera, place and guts. This works by walking up to random strangers and just taking a picture with them and dash. Now that you have your choices, go vote for which dare you want seen in this challenge below.