Metal band Otep have backed out of their co-headlinging tour with Ill Nino after lead singer Otep Shamaya claims a member of Terror Universal molested her on a past tour. The incident happened during a meet and greet, when the lead singer of Terror Universal allegedly touched Shamaya inappropriately. Terror Universal and Ill Nino share band members, which is why Shamaya said she will not tour with them. Here is her statement on the matter:

“Before the rumor mill begins: We dropped off the Civil Unrest tour because Terror Universals molester singer violently grabbed my crotch on our last tour. He’s a drunken joke and a fucking scumbag. He’s lucky security handled it before I or my band could.

We gave them a shot to play in front of our fans and we were repaid by this drunken jackass violating me during the meet and greet in front of our fans.

We made it very clear that we will never play any show that has Terror Universal on it. We don’t tolerate any kind of passive sexual violence.

We owe that to our fans and I never want to experience anything like that again especially from an opening act we were trying to help by giving them exposure to our TRIBE.

We will be headlining in May-June and give the TRIBE a proper RIOT without any pants rapists on the bill. Onwards & upwards.


Terror Universal members have disputed this claims, and even released a statement from the wife of Terror Universal's lead singer Rott, you can read the entire statement here.

“By now many of you have heard or read Otep Shamaya‘s slanderous statement against my husband of 9 years Chad, aka ROTT singer of TERROR UNIVERSAL...

OTEP’s accusations are inflammatory, and untrue to say the least, let me explain….Rott was on his way out of the club, and as Rott walked by he tapped Otep on the leg and said “Good night Otep”, this is when she jumped back, and said he grabbed her crotch, and ordered to have him thrown out of the club.

Why didn’t OTEP say anything about this before?? Why wait 4 weeks, to disclose such a damaging action? How has this turned into talk of assault and sexual violence?... This was honestly meant as a friendly gesture (a tap on the leg) at the end of a show between two band members has escalated into horrible name calling and threats. The truth is 2 days after the West Coast tour ended, Chad reached out to Otep and Otep‘s brother, to both clear the air, and open lines of communication. There has been no willingness from anyone in the Otep camp to have a civil conversation about this incident.

It is a shame that this could not have been handled between the two individuals, in a friendly manner. True to form, the social media will further complicate this issue and create hate, and will cloud the fact that all this could have been dealt with professionalism, and compassion.”

The Civil Unrest Tour, the tour that Otep and Terror Universal were supposed to be going on, released this state on Facebook:


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