We’ve seen massive pileups of super cars that could make the most unenthusiastic gearhead weep. We’ve seen pileups on the straightaway at Texas Motor Speedway that could make us question the existence of a just and loving God. Nothing, however, will prepare you for the sheer carnage that you’re about to witness.

The World Off-Road Championship Series featured a recent run on the Glen Helen dirt track in San Bernadino, California. The lines of racers reached a narrow stretch of the road, and thanks to the massive dust kicked up by the other racers, many of them failed to see a couple of crashed bikes lying in the roadway.

The narrow road combined with the lack of visibility sent many lines of racers tumbling into the fray until the small patch of kicked up dust and tire-tracks turned into one of the nastiest motorsports pileups we’ve seen in a long while.

One of the racers involved in the pileup caught the entire mess of motocross mayhem on his dashboard camera and posted it on his YouTube page.

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