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Sure, why not? Other big Texas cities are considering it.

I-10, as we're all painfully aware, is a mess. Several ideas have been considered to ease our problems including, dedicating a lane to trucks alone. I have a couple of questions about this:

  • 1)--I have a Ford F-150, would I be able to use this lane?
  • 2)--How the f*** are they going to pull this off?

Even Jeff Shelton, program manager for the Texas A& M Transportation Institute in El Paso, is skeptical. He told

"If they want to build another lane just for trucks, they would probably have to acquire more right of way to build another lane, and that's a huge investment for I-10. And on the east side, there is nothing you can steal. You can't make it any wider. There is no room."

Wanna bet they still try it?