Ever hate looking at your cat's butt? Ever wondered why you even notice it in the first place. So am I ya freak. 

Owning a pet cat (or a pug as my friends are so kind to point out to me everyday), can sometimes leave you with a butt hole in your face every so often. I often get picked on by not only my normal friends, but my pug friends as well. You see, Tubby has a very petite butt hole, so I notice when his other pug friends around, his is the smallest. Oh on another note, I have a group of pug friends that are just as weird as me. So, until I started writing this, I thought I was completely normal. Anyways, the issue with a dog that his butt hole out on display all the time, people say things. I'm not going to mention any names (talking to you Matt), but one of my friends called my dog out for having his butt exposed the way it is. But to be honest, it's not his fault. That's just part of the pug life. Well, apparently my friend Matt isn't the only one complaining. There is now a cute little, sparkly jewel that you can dangle right in front of you cat or dog's butt hole. Introducing, Twinkle Tush! The new invention to keep your cat and dog modest. For only $5.99, you can embarrass your animal too! Watch the video and see how weird it really is. Still not as weird as me writing an entire blog about my dog's butt hole. This is why I'm single.