"Elysium", was just released on Friday and has made an estimated 30.5 million sending it into the number 1 spot for the weekend but it has also stirred up controversy about immigration between people.

Now, ill try not to ruin it for some of you out there so I'll issue a half ass spoiler alert.

Anyways, Ill start with the fact that in the movie it looks like Mexicans/Hispanics, have taken over the world. Everyone is named  Julio, Spider,.....and yeah, Max. Oh and Spanish Is spoken by most of the earth population.

Like most futuristic movies, Earth is now a piece of crap and the future doesn't look very bright for us. Especially for Hispanics and of course Matt Damon "Max" who appear to have scared off all wealthy people from earth and onto a paradise space station.

On, "Elysium" there is no hunger, poverty, or even disease and with the exception of the "Indian" president most of it's resident are white.

Everyone's goal is to work hard enough to someday maybe earn a ticket to get to "Elysium". There are even those who attempt to get into this "paradise" illegally but are usually killed or captured and quickly transported back to Earth, by "Homeland Security."

Now because of some of the terminology used throughout the film and the story line itself, Director/Writer Neill Blomkamp, has taken some strong criticism. There are even some who say "this is the most racist film ever".

I personally thought it was a great movie, even though there is a obviously some kind of political agenda tied in with the movie.

I would just like to point out, that if this is what the future really holds for humanity, then we in El Paso will probably not notice a significant change....I'm Kidding. However I do urge people to check out this flick and let me know what you all think and if you feel this movie is as bad as some are saying.

So here is a pretty good review of the movie, but once again I issue a SPOILER Alert!!


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