A picture during the world premiere of BITE at Fantasia International Film Festival MITCH DAVIS said this on his...

Posted by Bite The Movie on Monday, August 3, 2015

A new indie horror movie is not only impressing critics with it's unique story, but is making people literally faint and puke. During the premiere of Bite at the Fantasia International Film Fest, two people fainted, one person hit their head on the stairs and one girl puked her heart out during the exclusive movie showing.

The image above was posted to the Bite's official Facebook page to show the madness that was happening at the premiere. Little barf bags were handed out before the premiere started but no one was prepared for just how intense this movie really is.

So what's making everyone react in such strange ways? Well according to Complex, Bite is a movie about a woman who gets a strange bug bite while out at a bachelorette party. The bite begins to infect the woman by transforming her into a bug covered in pus-filled scabs. I am guessing the gross factor comes from the woman starting to be consumed by the bug bite.

She begins to make a hive, eat people, you know bug stuff. All I know is the trailer looks amazing! Hopefully, at least one El Paso theater will be showing this movie and be giving people bags to barf in.

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