Those of you who suffer from spontaneous bowl movements, this app's for you!

A new app, D Free, is here to help you make it to the bathroom before the potty dance. The app teams up with a wearable device that attaches to your stomach, to keep track of internal movements in your intestines. The device counts down to when your body is ready to release a beast, then notifies you through the app on your phone.

After learning your lifestyle and certain habits, the app will become more accurate to your potty time. It gives you a 10-minute heads up of when you need to poo, so you will have plenty of time to find a toilet.

I know a few people who could really use this app, but doubt anyone will pay big bucks for a device to track their pooping. I think the app could be a big benefit for those who suffer from medical conditions, but for those of you too stubborn to listen to natural warning, I hope you like surprises.