Screencrush is one of the websites owned by the company I work for, Townsquare Media. Back on April 25th, Matt Singer wrote a list ranking the movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (no X-Men, no Deadpool, and absolutely-under-no-circumstances-ever no Fantastic Four Movies). There are scores of MCU ranking lists online but Singer's is BY FAR the most wildly off-base.

You can review his original list here. Keep in mind that there are 19 MCU films with #19 being the worst. After you read this list, go wash your eyes out with Visine and then I'll point out everything Matt Singer is wrong about.

Back so soon? couldn't get past #13 without feeling nauseous?

Same here. I mean, this guy, right? OK, I'll fix it.

  • #19--Singer's not wrong about the Ed Norton Hulk (hereafter being referred to as "The Nolk" to differentiate it from "The Ruffulk") being the worst in the series. It's easy (some would say "preferable") to forget that Nolk is part of the main MCU. But, Tony Stark shows up at the end for a cameo. There was obviously supposed to be a non-Avengers sequel where Tim Blake Nelson's character becomes The Leader and Doc Samson is portrayed by the dad from Modern Family! Actually, I would've been interested to see how they turn Phil Dunphy into a green-haired hippie bodybuilder with Hulk-level strength. Instead, by the time the first Avengers comes out, Black Widow goes to find Ed Norton only to discover he's turned into an even more bizarre creature than the Hulk: Mark Ruffalo.
  • #18----Thor The Dark World. Singer's right again on this one. Thor 2 isn't great but I'd argue that it's at least better than Iron Man 3.
  • #17----Dr. Strange. I wasn't a big Dr. Strange fan when I was a kid reading the comics. I didn't go in for all the mystical crap so I wasn't excited when Marvel announced they were bringing it to the big screen. Having said that, I was pleasantly surprised with what they did for the movie. It's the most I've ever enjoyed a Dr. Strange ANYTHING and I think it should be at least 4 spots higher on the list.
  • #16---Iron Man 2. NOT better than Dr. Strange and definitely not better than Iron Man 3.
  • #15-Ant Man. Yeah, that's about right.
  • #14---Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The worst of the Captain America films but still good enough to have been in the top ten.
  • #13---Avengers: Infinity War. What...The...ASS?? C'mon, Singer...did you not actually SEE this movie? Or did you just feel compelled to rank it so low to cut against the grain? Infinity War was great know what? I'm so upset now that I'm not even going to DO the rest of the list. Happy now?

I'll just skim the rest of this dubious list. Civil War was much better than #10 out of 19. It probably should be top 5. I didn't care for Guardians of the Galaxy as much as you did so both of those could have come in maybe 12-15. I appreciate that you get what an amazing film Captain America: The First Avenger was but I would have put it even higher, maybe even #1. I can't believe I'm saying this because I REALLY loved Black Panther but I guess I'd drop Panther a couple of spots. But definitely still in the top 10.

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