The holidays are just around the corner and tons of people will be getting drunk to celebrate and to deal with their relatives. When some people have had a little too much to drink, sometimes hungry takes over. Here in El Paso we have one of the unofficial drunk food favorites, Chico's Tacos. We can argue about other franchises that could take the crown for late night cravings but here are my top 3.


    Jack In The Box

    For the best of both world's, Jack in the Box serves breakfast and has great meals all day! The creation of Munchie meals has placed them as the unofficial restaurant for stoners and anyone else under the influence of anything. The breakfast platter is my favorite thing to eat at three in the morning, after a few drinks. Let's give Jack a big thank you for being open 24 hours and offering some of the best food to sober up with!

  • Fernando Cuevas Photo

    Chico's Taco

    This El Paso tradition has been sobering up local drunks since 1953. When you are too wasted to chew your food, just let your tacos drown in the sauce and in a few minutes you can just drink up the goodness. You either love or hate Chico's tacos but you can not deny how tasty they are when you can't even remember your name.

  • Whataburger


    Whataburger is another favorite amongst El Pasoans, especially since they have started serving spicy ketchup! Open 24 hours, you can find late night drunks ordering burgers anyway they would like and stealing the place number they give you so they can deliver your order to the table. You know you have "accidentally" taken one of those.