This is one of the coolest things ever! Who doesn't enjoy a nice massage every once and a while?!? I would like to thank  Aqua Spa (2251 Zaragoza) for letting me try out one of their machines!

What is a Hydro-Massage, you ask?

I'll explain and show you a few pics from experience today!

"Aqua Spa combines advanced computer technology and engineering to give the ultimate in automated massage. Custom engineered stainless water jets are focused with absolute precision, which allows accuracy on the parts of the body with the most stress: the back, neck, legs and feet. And, you don't even get wet!!!!"

Check out the Aqua Spa Official Facebook  for more info!

Be listening out on Monday, April 9th, so you can Seize the Deal at Aqua Spa!!

It takes about 20 minutes for a full massage!

You first choose some aromatherapy, pick out some easy listening music and you're ready to go!

I have to admit though, I am TICKLISH and it hit some spots that made me LOL for real!

Once I was out, I felt like a new person! It was so relaxing and it's exactly what I needed after a stressful week at work!

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