I've been a heavy metal/hard rock/rock guy for a long time. I listen to a lot of it, a lot of the time. But I can also appreciate when someone is simply amazing at what they do as a musician. It doesn't matter what type of music they create, as long as they are good at it and love what they do. That said...

This guy Michael Schack takes samples and loops and actually makes music with them.


He plays the drums, triggers the samples live, creates his own loops live, and actually performs it. This is freaking awesome! On top of it, he's a bad-ass drummer. Enjoy Squarelectric.

I don't really think of most DJs to be "musicians", when they just take other people's songs and mash them together. It might be cool and fun to listen to, but they're not really creating music. Just my opinion. But Michael Schack kicks ass.