Motorcycle Monday rides again!

95-5 KLAQ, firing up Motorcycle Monday!! Brought to us by Santa Teresa Motorsports at 910 Livingston! very easy to find, take Country Club to the river and look for all the shiny new motorcycles right there next to it!! Parts, accesories and, of course, BIKES!! Dirt, street, scooter, quad, whatever .. they got it and they're cheap! Look for another open house sale coming soon!!

This week, the Emerald City is Moto-town. Seattle Supercross sees Bubba back in form!! Villopoto, Reed, Dungey and Bubba .. or inmate 72311, however you know him better .. all in a position bring home the gold for 2011!! With only a couple of races remaining, Let the dogfight begin!

This week:

A couple of quick 125 Lites notes, Hansen .. son of a Supercross champ .. who I had hoped would take it this year has been out recently with a broken hand. He came back!! And promptly messed his paw up and is now out for good. Bummer. He did win the second heat though and had this to say:

"I just keeps hurting my damn paw and that sucks. I dislocated my hand and the bone didn’t break through the skin, because there is already so much metal in it."

 Too Bad.  More bad luck with the big boys, one of the favorites Trey Canard is out for the rest of the season now after a crash during practice earlier this week. Don't worry though, the real racings coming between the "4 Horseman of the moto-pocalypse" I mentioned earlier!!

 The Main Event:

Tedesco gets the hole shot, but that's the last of empty track he'll see. Stewart and Reed get pass him so fast he's probably still wondering "what the hell was that?" A crash drops Stroud, Milsaps and Short leaving Stroup down for the count. A count that would take til lap 5 for him to get up and wakl away!!! His noggin got way bonked!

About halfway through and Windham is in the mix, fighting hard for 3rd; now Dungey wipes it!! he's back up though and after wrecking not once but TWICE, he battles back to 5th .. amazing!!

Now Reeds goes for a closeup of the track, but gets back up .. blocks Villopoto .. and rides to a 3rd place finish!

Second belongs to Windham and first place is all Bubba. Stewart takes the win and now HAS to win all remaining races. No ifs ands or buts. He's been known to race harder than he needs to; now that it's all or nothing for him, let's see if he can mix the speed with the brains and stay upright!! James .. that's the championship on line 1!!

Points wise, it's now Villopoto with 293, Reed with 287 and Stewart with 286. Hold on folks .. it's gonna get real intersting these next few weeks!!

Locally, the Combat Vets and CMA runs seemed to do pretty well and the weather was awesome!! next week, of course there are more runs coming!! Listen for details later this week and keep checking my blogs at!!

There it went, Motorcycle Monday!! The fastest couple of minutes in radio brought to you by Santa Teresa Motorsports, off Country Club by the river, and 95-5 KLAQ!!