Motorcycle Monday is about to really get going!  The last couple of months, it has consisted of a run announcement or two and that's about it. Not even that in December really, as everyone settled down for the holidays! 

As of Saturday though, it's going to start getting busy!  Supercross begins Saturday in Anaheim so I'll keep you posted on what happens there each Saturday. They rarely televise these and when they do, it's always the day after so you're best bet for up to the minute results and news would be one of these websites: and/or  Since the closest Supercross ever gets to us is Phoenix, I started doing these updates for all the local motoheads that can't be there.  Now, of course, the internet and live streaming make it easier to keep up but this is still a fun bit to do and I also include each weeks upcoming local races, events and meetings.  

Moto Monday can also help you find great deals on bikes or on parts and accesories at local motorcycle shops (past sponsors have included T n A Cycles and Santa Teresa Motorsports). Or, you may find out how to save big on clothing and apparel for yourself (whether you ride or not, everybody likes leather) or someone you know that does.  The current sponsor is  Email me ( and I'll help you out with a discount code .. you'll be saving before you even begin to shop! 

Runs and meetings:

The runs are pretty self explanatory.  Pretty much every weekend a motorcycle club, group or charitable group hold a run to raise money or to collect needed items.  Maybe help a family or individual in need.  With Motorcycle Monday .. and my blogs! .. you always have a way of knowing who's running; when and why!

C.O.C. Toy Run 2008. (Pic by Crystal Morton)

The Coalition Of Clubs.  This group was created to assist the local motorcycle community in planning their events.  It's kinda pointless for everyone to be doing their own thing.  What happens is you wind up with a thousand people going to a thousand different events.  The Coalition "assigns" weekends to various clubs and organizations so there are no conflicts.  While there may occasionally be 2 events on a given day or weekend, it's rare. When it does happen, the Coalition makes certain the times don't clash!  The Coalition Of Clubs meets monthly and is open to the public.  It is attended by representitives of all the area MC's (motorcycle clubs) and various others for the purpose of  helping not only those in need but; motorcyclists in general. Local, state and national elected officials are often attendees, keeping everyone updated on motorcycle legislation and other related happenings from downtown, to Austin, to Washington. 

Great way to keep up on things, whether you choose to participate in organized motorcycle gatherings and events or not.  If you ride, you need to know what's going on and this (being again, a public event) is a great way to stay in the loop!  Stop by sometime ... Mulligans North, 10710 Kenworthy. First Wednesday of every month at 7pm.  After each meeting, it's party time! :)  To find out more about Mulligans North or to get directions, find them on Facebook or call (915) 822-9366


Motorcycle Monday will also .. hopefully .. be expanding it's on line presence soon at  I'm working on a way to feature local riders, their bikes and racing events  Should be pretty cool!  Keep checking in at or email every now and then to see how it's coming along! 

The El Paso area motrcycling family are absolutely the biggest "givers" ever. Whether it be a food drive, toy drive, fund raiser or just helping out a family or individual in need. Many ask for help, few are turned away and the bikers always deliver 110 percent! If you know someone that needs help or would like to help yourself (and have a BLAST doing it) catch the next meeting!

And catch Motorcycle Monday, shortly after 2pm, each Monday on KLAQ!

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