My man Dungey gets himself a "main"!!

You’re weekend Supercross (and run!) re-cap; brought to us by Santa Teresa Motorsports … 910 Livingston in the Upper Valley, right next to The Rio!!

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Saturday, Supercross went down to Georgia … cue the fiddle … and my man Dungey “dun” it!! Edging out Villopto for the win. NICE!!!! Villopoto is tough, and probably going to take the championship, but Dungey (the other white Ryan!!) is gonna make him earn it!! Points and standings below.  Even after this “weekend at Dungeys”, Villopoto still has a decent lead!

Gotta give Bubba a shout out for his new gear!  If you're a Prince fan you're probably loving it.  (If he changes his name to the Yamaha symbol though; that's just overkill!)  

I still like the Monster hotties outfits better though.  BEST for that matter!!

I know, I know.  They're not motocross riders.  But, they're at all the races ... and they're way more fun to look at!!

Next week, it’s off to the show me state .. St. Louis Mo!!

Locally, Run Season has officially begun. (I can’t call it "riding" season because, by the grace of God, it’s ALWAYS riding season around here!!) 2012 got underway Sunday with The Bandidos MC run to benefit a local family having a very rough time. Thanks to everyone who showed up for a good cause and a GOOD time!   More coming .. lots more and I’ll keep the info coming on KLAQ and at!! 

I'd love to post some pics from the runs also .... if you get any good ones from week to week; send them to me!

Nice to see some riders heading to Western Playland after the run for Ribfest to!! Great day to ride and a great concert huh?? Thanks for coming!

There it went!  Short and sweet, the fastest couple of minutes in radio, Motorcycle Monday. Brought to you by Santa Teresa Motorsports and El Paso’s best rock!!

Supercross Results:

1. R. Dungey KTM

2. R. Villopoto KAW

3. J. Stewart YAM

4. D. Millsaps YAM

5. J. Brayton HON

6. C. Seely HON

7. J. Weimer KAW

8. K. Windham HON

9. B. Metcalfe SUZ

Supercross Points

Ryan Villopoto 180

Ryan Dungey 170

James Stewart 136

Chad Reed 128

Jake Weimer 106

Kevin Windham 105

Justin Brayton 96

Davi Millsaps 94

Mike Alessi 90

Supercross Lites East Results

1. J. Barcia HON

2. B. Baggett KAW

3. J. Bogle HON

4. B. Wharton SUZ

5. D. Durham KAW

6. K. Roczen KTM

7. K. Cunningham YAM

8. H. Hewitt SUZ

9. J. Canada HON

250 Lites East Pts

J. Barcia 50

D. Durham 38

B. Wharton 36

K. Roczen 35

B. Baggett 28

J. Bogle 27

J. Canada 26

H. Hewitt 22

P. Larsen 22