Yep, it's here!  I don't mean a few friends racing each other in the desert; I'm talking about a full blown, profesional style track!

Several tracks actually, because this track changes!!

It's Xmotoball on the east side.  (4452 Cummings; at the intersection of Krag and Cassidy.)  They've come up with a kick ass track and ... as cool as it is ... every 6 months or so they change it up!!  That alone makes this track pretty damn cool!  (What other venue does that?  When was the last time your favorite golf course was redesigned?) 

It's an awesome track, proffesionally groomed and always ready for getting bar to bar!!  Don't have a bike?  They're working on setting up bike and gear rentals!!

That's not all.

If you don't ride, how about paintball??  They have 5 huge fields where you and friends, co - workers or family can have a blast unloading on each other! (Paintball gear is available to rent or buy!!) You may not be able to beat up on your little brother at home; but you can shoot the crap out of him here!!

If those things don't do it for you; then just kick back and catch a live band, outdoors in the beautiful El Paso weather!  They have a "snack shack" in case you get hungry or thirsty and there's more to come!! 

Xmotoball is working on adding rock climbing and a 600' zip line! (Should be up and running any day now!!!!)

Championship racing once a month for the dirt devils, paint ball for the extreme sports folks and lots more await at Xmotoball!  This summer the words "I'm bored" should not be in your families vocabulary!! 

For maps, directions and more info; check 'em out on line at ... next race is April 28th!!!!