95-5 KLAQ ROX Motorcycle Monday!

I know, I know .. it was all about the superbowl this weekend; but that was Sunday. Saturday it was alllll about the California sun and a sold out Supercross crowd in Anaheim!

They were NOT dissapointed in Cali ... a tough track with a little sand and a killer 11 bump straightaway. Most of the riders through it in 4 or 5 leaps.

 In the Lites, it's Hansen again .. nice. The sun of an SX champ well on his way to getting his own championship as he takes center on the podium, besting Tomac and Roczen. Tickle down in 4th and Morais wayyyy down there. 7th!!

 Supercross was insane .... Stewart takes the win in heat 1 thanks to a "meeting" .. if you will .. between Windham and Tedesco. Think they felt bad? NOBODY was feeling as bad as my boy Dungey. Ryan wins a heat, then winds up out of the main with a broken chain. He pushes his bike off the track and out of the running.

 Meanwhile, the holy trinity (Stewart, Villapoto and Reed) virtually riding alone. It's insane how far out and away these guys are. With lap times running about 60 seconds, Stewart is 5 seconds ahead of Villopoto and he's an easy 8 seconds gone from Reed.

 Nice to have a whole Supercross track to yourself huh??

Long story short, Bubba does it again! Followed by Villopoto and Reed ... poor Dungey bringing up the rear, dead last.

The podium is Stewart, Villopoto, Reed ... pointswise, it looks the same ....... Stewart with 117, Villopoto at 112 and Reed at 90. Dungey still a contender though with 79 points and over half a season to go. You never know what can happen in SX .. that's why I love it!

 Lites podium = Hansen, Tomac and Roczen ....... points wise there, it's Hansen at 113, Tickle at 105 and Tomac at 91 for the top 3. LOTS of room there for lots of things to happen as Supercross '11 continues!!  Next week it's Houston .. to find out more, and see pics from this week, visit Supercross.com and/or Racerxonline.com!

 There it went, the fastest couple of minutes in radio (and online too  .... depending on how fast you read!) Motorcycle Monday on 95-5, KLAQ!!!!!!!