Local rockers Ministry have released a new video and it was filmed here in El Paso!

Al Jourgensen recorded the new Ministry disc ("From Beer To Eternity") and filmed the video at his 13th Planet compound here in El Chuco.  He recorded it with Mike Scaccia (who recently suffered a heart attack on stage and died), Sin QuirinAaron Rossi and Tony Campos. (Ex- Static X)

According to blabbermouth.net, the video:

is a amalgamation of provocative news images culled from World War Two, Viet Nam, Afghanistan and Iraq, and a bad acid trip. MINISTRY frontman Al Jourgensen is featured in the video portraying three different personalities, representing three different points of view on America's repetition and persistence of war: the corrupt political leader, the predatory business man, and possibly most dangerous of all, the passive observer.

Check it out for yourself!!

Pretty cool huh??  Over the course of his career, Al has come up with some of the best music and imagery ever.  Here's a peek behind the scenes of him at work making the PermaWar vid!!