GECU’s Find The Miner Scavenger Hunt Daily Clues

Paydirt Pete -- you're looking for him.
Paydirt Pete -- you're looking for him.

Listen to KLAQ each day at 10:15 a.m., 11:15 a.m., 12:15 p.m. and 1:15 p.m. for your clues to Pete’s hiding place, but in case you miss them on-air, here they are for you to check on. Remember, the Miner will only be on display for a short time, so you have to act fast!

You can also upload your pictures below. Scroll all the way down to see previous winners!

Thursday, Jan. 21 — Home court of the 1966 Miner championship team. Still a grand ole 5,200-seat arena.

Friday, Jan. 22 -- Northeast home of the El Paso Diablos – after Dudley Field.  Named for the founders of the UTEP baseball team; these brothers were good friends of Coach Haskins

Monday, Jan. 25 -- This Kern Place park has a girl’s name. The neighborhood lies east of UTEP

Tuesday, Jan. 26 -- Picnics, Halloween Parades and family fun on the east side. The name of this park is the same name as a book you’d put photos in.

Wednesday, Jan. 27 -- 7400 High Ridge on the west side. Named for the Bear himself.

Thursday, Jan. 28 — Home of the 2nd oldest bowl game in the country. UTEP played in it; but not at its current location. This year – coulda been the Snow Bowl.

Friday, Jan. 29 -- It’s not Madison Square, but its at 1702 North Copia. It’s loaded with rose bushes, all different kinds.

Monday, Feb. 1 -- Corner of Mesa and Glory Road. Gotta have one of these to get in the game, the concert, the event, etc

Tuesday, Feb. 2 -- The late, great UTEP Miner Bobby Joe Hill made this car dealership his “casa” -- working there for many years before he retired.

Wednesday, Feb. 3 -- Unique setting with an amphitheater and canyon pavilion. Be a geologist and stop at the entrance.

Thursday, Feb. 4 -- The front door to the Brumbelow Building welcomes all things athletic.

Friday, Feb. 5 -- One of Coach Hawkins' other favorite sports. And his son, Steve, was a professional golfer.