Remember back when we were all waiting for the Olsen Twins to turn 18?

Now, its Miley Cyrus' turn, as she leaves her teenage years (and most of her good-girl image) behind and welcomes her 20s (well, she actually did that by like 15 ... but this time legally).

Born November 23rd, the star achieved fame as Miley Stewart / Hannah Montana on the sitcom Hannah Montana. Despite her father's fame (Billy Ray Cyrus), her family lived in a 500-acre farm in Franklin, Tenn. In 2001, the family moved to Toronto while Billy Ray filmed the TV show "Doc"; and that's when she decided that she wanted to act for a living.

In 2003, she auditioned for the show Hannah Montana, but tried out for the part of best friend, Lilly. After about a year of auditions, she got the main part as Miley / Hannah and Billy Ray as her father, Robby Stewart. 5.4 Million viewers tuned in on March 2006 and it was an instant hit (C'mon ... you all know you've watched at least one episode).

April 2008 is when it all began ... she did a Vanity Fair photoshoot with nothing but a blanket, red lipstick and a sultry stare (you remember that ...). That lead to other photos to surface (we remember those too).

(Here are some pictures of her many looks.)

She is known not only as the former Disney child star but also for having a tattoo obsession, which started back in December of 2009. Her first being the phrase "just breathe" followed by 15 more inkings (and now also a nose piercing). Shortly after her 18th birthday, its where that infamous photograph started floating around of her taking bong hits of salvia, a legal herb.

Now, apart from beginning her 20s adventure, she is engaged and has also cut off her locks and bleached her hair and is helping to bring the Pompadour hairstyle back (apparently it was popular back like 250 years ago).

As a new era begins ... I can't wait to see what she does next. Although I don't think she's reached Lindsay Lohan's level to pose for Playboy, but I do think she's spontaneous enough to do it ... just for fun. But only time will tell.