It's that time of the year again!  I love August .. and not just for Sturgis! The perseid meteor shower is up and running!  (Errrr, falling!!) :)

This time of year, the skies get rocking at night!!  In El Paso, we can really get a good look at them as it's easy for us to get out away from the "light pollution"  of the city!!  Head east, west or north of EP and it won't be long before you're out where it's good and dark to see the show!

I have a secret spot I head out to.  It's kinda like my own secret "fishing hole" though, so sorry ... not giving it up!!  I'll narrow it down a bit for you though, it's not to far outside of Chapparral!!   (Think highway 404)

Click the link for more info on the shower and some tips on when to best catch it from!!!