Perhaps the thrashiest tune from Metallica's 2008 'Death Magnetic,' 'My Apocalypse' is a powerful, non-stop rocker that perfectly displays the band's roots from the '80s. Fast guitars, pummeling drums and in-your-face lyrics, 'My Apocalypse' is the epitome of everything Metallica stand for.

As with all Metallica songs, seeing it performed live takes it to a whole new level, and fortunately for fans across the globe, the band has unveiled footage of 'My Apocalypse' from their latest DVD/Blu-Ray release, 'Quebec Magnetic.'

There's just something about this song that separates it from every other track on 'Death Magnetic.' Trust us, we love every other track on 'Death Magnetic,' but 'My Apocalypse' is relentless, it's battering, it's pounding, and by the end of it you feel like you got the wind knocked out of you ... but in a good way.

Watching the live footage of 'My Apocalypse' is even more clobbering. After five minutes of pure thrash metal, it's amazing to think that Metallica go on to play 11 more songs in the set! If you haven't picked up 'Quebec Magnetic,' we don't know what you're waiting for. It's pure Metallica and believe us, it will make the perfect stocking stuffer.

If you need another example of why you should have this in your collection, just watch 'My Apocalypse.' We guarantee as soon as it's done, you'll run out and pick up your copy today. That is, after you catch your breath.

Metallica Perform 'My Apocalypse' – 'Quebec Magnetic'

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