A couple of videos for you today from Metallica and Queensryche 2.0!

Kind of fitting since the first time I ever saw Queensryche it was on the Mindcrime tour and they were with Metallica!

Metallica first!  After their appearance at Comic - Con this weekend in San Diego to discuss "Through The Never", Metallica held a secret show.  Guests at their panel were given raffle tickets and the winners got to see Metallica do their thing in a very intimate setting, the Spreckles Theater!  (Not exactly a "metal club" mind you ... more similar to our Plaza Theater!)

Check 'em out below warming up, then clowning around (Lars on guitar, Kirk on drums) and finally Seeking and Destroying!!  \m/

On to Queensryche!!  Geoff Tate usually sang to film images of Mary but would occasionally have a live singer do the Mary parts.  New Queensryche throat Todd La Torre kinda likes the "live" thing also.  Here he is with Pamela Moore (the original "Mary" on "Operation: Mindcrime") doing "Suite Sister Mary".  It's fan shot footage from different angles, but it's still pretty cool!