The shocking video of McKinney Police Cpl. Eric Casebolt forcefully handcuffing and drawing his gun on a group of teenagers was picked up by multiple media outlets and caused quite the controversy for the McKinney Police Department. Casebolt has now resigned, according to Police Chief Greg Conley.

On Tuesday, Conley announced the Texas police officer's resignation at a news conference. He called Casebolt's actions "indefensidble" and believes out of the 12 officers on scene that day, only 11 performed according to their training.

The investigation into Casebolt's actions is over, now that he is no longer an employee. No word on any possible criminal charges.

The video that was published to YouTube shows Officer Casebolt trying to control the crowd of teens, after police were called to a master-planned community to break up a pool party. The discussion of the video has brought up two sides to the story, where some see this video as another display of police brutality, while others see the police just trying to control rowdy teenagers.

A photo on Imgur is going viral as someone has created a photo breakdown to why Officer Casebolt pulled out his weapon.

The debate on what and why things happened during this incident,looks like it won't end soon.