He fell down and the band, used to his overall weirdness, never even stopped playing!!

At a show in Saskatoon Canada, during The Beautiful People, Marilyn Manson went down.  Nothing dramatic, he was already on his knees.  Then he turned, fell forward onto the beautiful floor and stayed that way.  (Good thing he didn't land on that big ass knife/mic of his huh??)

The band kept on going (pretty much finishing the song) until they saw him being carried off the stage.  That finally got 'em thinking that, maybe, something was up!

The first video shows Manson go down. You have to really watch though, the footage isn't that great. (It happens at 1:27)

This footage ... also not that great ... shows Manson being carried off.

No official word yet on what happened, though one source says he had the flu. (Yeah, that flu excuse is a little over used don't you think?  I say it's because he had just found out that Evan Rachel Wood is preggers!)