Recent changes in the law regarding the Mota have made it legal all over the place but, we don't all have Willie Nelson/Snoop Dogg grass skills right?  Well, help is here!

Many peeps don't understand the different strengths or that you don't have to smoke it.  Now, a group in Denver is trying to educate the rookies by introducing smoking alternatives and encouraging newbies to go slow. Denver marijuana dispensary owner Tim Allen told

"No one buys a handle of Jim Beam and thinks they should drink all of that in one sitting." "But people do want to eat an entire cookie, an entire piece of chocolate."

Photo by Ron Wurzer/Getty Images

That could be too much so products are being developed like the "rookie cookie". Containing only 10 milligrams of THC, this gives "rookies" a taste without turning them into blobs of goo. They also have sodas, as well as drops to add to any liquid and new gum, oral sprays and chocolates!

These products are also aimed at veteran users less concerned with strength and more into different tastes and flavors.

Sounds like a good idea to me, how about you?